Data Warehousing

Why do Organizations need a Data Warehouse?

Organizations evolve over time and when they do, they accumulate a lot of data. These data results from Transaction processing systems, Business applications and other diverse non-business applications.

Such Data is widely dispersed. As technology also evolves, platforms may change. Newer applications come in. So, one will see data residing in widely dispersed systems. When all these data can be integrated and analysed, meaningful patterns emerge. Analytics on these data will reveal significant opportunities and better understanding of the markets. Application of Business Intelligence from these analytics can help Companies transform themselves, improve efficiencies, increase productivity/ profitabilities.

How can Arowana Consulting Help?

Arowana Consulting has very good experience in designing, building and implementing Data Warehouses.

Data warehouseWe can study your Organizations requirements and suggest the DW platforms and help you in finalizing an architecture that is appropriate for the Organization, it's future needs and proposed growth.

We also can draw up a road map for setting up a reliable Data Warehouse. We will list the risks and concerns and help you address them. The set of processes covering Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) will pose challenges.

Arowana also has the competencies in identifying pertinent data and also in sorting information in the Meta Data Repositories.

Arowana has extensive experience in Data Mining and Data Analysis and we are familiar with the latest tools. We can optimize your data and help you to use the tools to derive accurate information, which will greatly enhance efficiencies in decision making.

What Benefits can an Organization derive by setting up a Data Warehouse?

A reliable Data Warehouse is the foundation for clean data repository. A Data Warehouse is the first step towards delivery of enhanced business Intelligence. A Data Ware House saves time by acquiring and retaining cleansed data in one place. A Good Data Warehouse ensures Data Quality and Consistency. Besides a Data Ware House also provides Historical intelligence. Last but not the least, a good Data Ware house delivers a decent return on investment by improving quality of information, enhancing decision making and improving profitabilities.