Airlines/ Aviation

For Airline Industry we have developed several products and solutions. Our Domain Knowledge has helped us to build solutions around ERP systems, that cover Transport Management, Uniform Stores, Staff Travel Management, Corporate Security Management and Access Control systems.



For the Telecom Industry, Arowana, has developed Products for Corporate Treasury and Reconciliation. We have also implemented ERP Systems and engage in Infrastructure Management for several big Telcos in the GCC.



Arowana has worked closely with very large manufacturing Companies and have implemented ERP systems for Cement and Chemical Industries. We have also developed enhancements and 'bolt on' modules for special requirements in OAF/ ADF technologies.

Real Estate

Real Estate and Master Developers

For Real Estate and Master Developers Arowana has developed unique products and solutions, which integrates with their ERP systems. With Arowana's expertise in Oracle Property Manager, Oracle CRM and Oracle E-Business Suite , several unique implementations were undertaken. Besides these Arowana has also developed Solutions for Management of Shopping Malls, Tender Management Systems, Treasury products – all suited for the Real Estate Industry.



Arowana works closely with many Government departments with their initiatives in providing better amenities to citizens through innovative automation process. We have developed Mobile and smart phone applications which help bring Government services closer to the citizens. We also have implemented, supported and developed customized ERP solutions for various Government departments.



Arowana has worked with large Healthcare providers in implementing unique solutions in ERP space. Arowana has an in-depth knowledge about the Industry and Arowana's professional services are being utilized by many large Organizations.



Turnaround times, quality of deliveries and improvement in efficiencies resulting in improved productivity, client satisfaction and profitability is the cornerstone of retail enterprises. Arowana prides itself as a reliable partner in several key implementation of Products and solutions in the retail sector


Public Sector

Automation for Public Sector undertakings are complex and needs a good understanding of the regulations and compliance issues. Arowana has experience in delivering large projects in ERP Systems /and customized solutions to Big Public Sector Undertakings


Banking, Financial Sector & Insurance

Arowana has developed several unique solutions for Banking, Financial Services Sector and Insurance Industry. Arowana has implemented ERP systems for Banks and Insurance Companies. For Insurance Companies, Arowana has implemented Core Insurance systems. For Banking, Arowana has developed unique solutions for Staff Loan Management, Compliance Solutions to monitor insider trading and Gifts Management, Treasury and reconciliation solutions. Arowana in addition also undertakes Project Management and Consultancy for Banking and Insurance sectors.