Arowana's culture is based on a work friendly environment. At Arowana we believe that leisure plays an important role. To reduce stress and improve the mind, the employees involve themselves in leisure activities. Here we work in a heterogeneous environment, believing in creativity and innovation. Every employee is allowed to share their opinions freely without any restrictions. An Arowanite is allowed to unleash their creative talents, to channelize a path to remain in the forefront of competition.

We believe in "all work and no play makes an Arowanite a dull person". When not at work, the employees find time to play a game of cricket. The employees share their views and write for an internal monthly e-magazine. At the end of the month there are group activities in which the employees actively take part and win prizes. Arowana encourages its employees to shed their fear of public speaking and use the Arowana Toastmasters Club platform to express themselves and speak before an audience. We also encourage our employees to learn a new language by conducting language learning activities. Our employees feel enthusiastic, with a sense of belongingness and see themselves as a part of a corporate community.

TaleFin started as a monthly internal e- magazine of Arowana Group. Shadow is Talefin's mascot. Talefin is a creative platform for the employees of Arowana. It is an area for expression of words, where the pen meets the paper. It expresses everything that is not work or corporate related. A fun magazine with creative illustrations making Talefin a light read. The Talefin editorial team is handled by a group of enthusiastic Arowanites. They take the initiative of planning the magazine design and content. Every month there is a theme set up for the magazine and activities are conducted. It is a space for employees to come together and unleash their hidden creativity. It brings joy to the employees in an otherwise humdrum day. There is no code of conduct, it is informal and there is no hierarchy, everyone is equal and contribute voluntarily.

Talefin creates a positive atmosphere in the office. The Talefin committee organizes monthly activities, that act as stress busters. The employees let their hair down, interact and enjoy. Employees from various departments come together and work as a team. It builds a healthy competitive atmosphere. They win prizes which are kept at their work stations and this brings a smile on their face. From a monthly e-magazine, Talefin has evolved as a brand of Arowana.
Each day we engage in a wide range of communication activities, speaking and hearing literally thousands of words and constantly trying to adjust to our thoughts to suit our speech . When it comes to speaking before a public audience. We get tongue tied, There is a sense of loss of words to speak a sentence. In order to overcome this fear of public speaking, Arowana has become a member of Toastmasters International and have established a club of their own, Arowana Toastmasters Club.
LEAD describes the leadership and educational skill that every toastmaster demonstrates during a club meet. Every member in Arowana Toastmasters Club, takes on the challenge of shedding their fear of speaking before an audience and to improve their language skills. As every member takes on various leadership roles they also learn the skill of being a good competent leader. Every Arowanite has the skill to educate and lead a team, what one does at a toastmasters session is demonstrate this skill. The Key aim of this club is to help Arowanites to build good communication and leadership skills, manage time and learn from another member's speech in a fun way. There is no hierarchy in the club. The CFO is evaluated by a developer, and it is all a part of healthy learning.

Every Friday the members meet and have a lively section of prepared and impromptu speeches. Arowana Toastmasters Club also provides a platform for healthy speech competitions, where members can execute and test their talent and skills by competing with other clubs across the district. The club also brings out quarterly newsletters. Fun activities are organized wherein members play light games. Laurels are given out after each section which motivates members and participating guest to be a part of the club. One can follow the club activities by looking up the Toastmasters Facebook page and Youtube channel.

Arowana is culturally and linguistically diversified. We have people from across the country and globe working with us. It is nice to learn a new language. Learning a new language helps to make one's communication stronger and makes reading easier. It also helps to establish a close knit relationship.
TALK, as the term suggests, is an activity where we encourage our employees to teach and learn the local language and its culture, Kannada. It is, "Form learning that we teach and from teaching that we learn". We believe that corporates in Bangalore work in an isolated and an alien environment. We see people from various regions come to Bangalore and live here without learning a single word of the local language or the culture. TALK aims at making our employees Kannada friendly. The employees who are non-native and do not know the language should try and learn enough of the language to help them navigate through their day to day affairs, like negotiating with the localities or while asking someone for directions. The activity is based on educating and making our employees learn and respect the state and the regional language.
Every day the employees are taught a new word in Kannada with relevant phrases. In order to encourage state spirit. The state festivals and important days are celebrated with grandeur. Prizes are given to The improved speakers. The Arowanite's who know the language help by contributing and making this activity lively.

Films, conversations & coffee every friday.

The ‘Design and Content’ team or ‘DnC’ in Arowana, Bangalore formed ‘Le Club’ for all Arowanites who are film lovers. We believe that everything is designed, including films.

Le’ Club screens films that have made their mark in the history of cinema, classics and contemporary. Films of great directors who have portrayed their passion in this field of art called film making. From East to West, North to South, Le’ Club screens films that have made their mark in the film industry. Great stories, best shots, cinematography, anecdotes by great film makers and much more are discussed. Herzog, WimWenders, Zanussi, Kurosawa, Godard, Hitchcock……

The Masters who influenced generations and continue to do so. We meet them every Friday at Arowana’s‘Le’ CLUB’. Our employees enjoy watching some of the best and most memorable films which are different in genres and not easily accessible through Le’ Club.