In the Arowana's suite of Airline products, ATLAS today occupies a proud position. Initially developed for one of the biggest Budget Airlines in the Middle East, the product has generated considerable interest and many airlines ....

ATLAS stay
Booking Engine is an application which enables customers to access and also enables the hospitality industry to support reservations through the Internet. It facilitates consumers to make flights reservations, hotels...


Arowana Risk and Treasury


Within Large and successful Organizations, there is a Revenue Centre. None other than the Corporate Treasury Department, it generally manages corporate finances, and ensures judicious use of surpluses in Investment/ deposits and Money Market operations and also raises cst effective finance for the Organization’s short term and long term operations. Apart from these functions, the Treasury Department is also responsible for carrying out the Board’s directive in organizational policies associated with the financial exposure of an organization, while transacting any third party financial arrangements. Adherence to these policies needs to be monitored to avoid preventable financial exposure / risk.

In many Organizations, the lack of a proper Risk management solution exposes the organization to several external influences. There are many Treasury solutions in the market today. Many of them comes with innumerable bells and whistles, making the product unwieldy, expensive, costly to maintain and also difficult to use or manage. The need of the hour is a straight forward Treasury and Risk Management solution that is easy to learn and use, which addresses the Organizations risk concerns and ensures that the agreed policies are practiced without deviation and appropriate checks and balances are in place to protect Organizations cash assets and financial exposure.

In Organizations where no Treasury solutions are in place, it is quite possible that when the Treasury Manager or a Dealer directly deals with counter parties, for making financial arrangement, (which may be in the form of an investment / deposit / loan etc) there is a possibility of human error and possible deviation or even deliberate sidestepping (without approvals) of the Treasury policy, exposing the organization to large exposures that may lead to embarrassing losses. This also can harm the reputation and image of a Corporation. In order to avoid such situations, Arowana Consulting Limited, joined hands with certain leading Corporate Organizations and Treasury Domain experts to develop a simple product called Arowana Risk and Treasury Solution (ART) which is suitable for any Corporate Organization, involved with day to day Market operations in the Money Markets and Currency Markets. ART interfaces with ERP solutions, Business Intelligence and Dashboard programmes, which means that the day to day operations of your Treasury desk is transparent and can be monitored and set to raise appropriate alerts.

Features of ART
  • Addresses all Treasury management and reporting needs in a single, streamlined system
  • Helps eliminate redundant entries and reduces errors
  • Connects to clearing banks to offer integrated Treasury processes from the front- to back-office
  • Provides a real-time, online system that gives up-to-the minute balances and exposure status throughout the day.
  • Fixed-Income Module- an accounting system for fixed-income securities that is designed to comply with local regulations.
  • Money Markets - a collection of funding options for the institution and its clients
  • Investment Management - functionality that includes real-time portfolio accounting, reporting and management services
  • Safekeeping - functionality that provides online, real-time information, transaction processing, and customer statements and reporting.
  • Sales and Trading- a module for executing and managing securities transactions, providing immediate position updates, event notifications and integrated online reports
  • Similar modules for Foreign Exchange, Equities and their Derivatives.
High Level Functionality
Key Benefits
  • Improves security coverage, portfolio accounting and performance measurement
  • Allows automation of internal processes
  • Automatically integrates transactions into general ledger, asset and risk management systems
  • Keeps local regulations-compliant records with a minimum of human intervention
  • Allows users to easily generate a range of compliance reports and statements
  • Gives users the ability to customize the accounting system to best fit their business
  • Commits to flexible terms and interest rate structures
  • inks directly to depositories and custodian banks
  • Offers online trade approval, with automatic calculation of broker and sales commissions and automatic generation of confirmations.

ART is designed in Java environment. The system properly interfaces with all ERP solutions and also is capable of receiving information from providers like Reuters and Bloomberg etc. The output provided to the ERP systems can help the ERP business users to automatically generate vouchers and update the underlying General Ledger.

The proposed solution addresses human errors and will prove to be advantageous for an organization by helping them to adhere to the business rules. ART is fully configurable and takes into account various intricate aspects related to the core treasury business. The Treasury Manager can configure business rules in the system, dynamically as per ever changing business demands. The proposed software solution will be the key to control the process and quality of Treasury Operations.


Leading Airlines all over the world provide travel benefits to their staff, depending on their roles and grades. Each Airline has its own policies for employee travel benefits. Companies allow employees to travel for free or give discounted travel. Since the traveler in this case is the staff of a particular airline, the benefit is widely known as Staff Travel. Airlines see staff travel facilty to be one of the motivational and retention strategies.

Staff Travel

Staff also has to travel on duty. Besides Airlines also have numerous vendors and consultants who have to travel on behalf of the airline. Tickets needs to be given to them also. Sometimes these travelers will have to travel to locations where the particular airline may not have a service. They may have to utilize the service provided by a member of an alliance. These ticket reservations may have to be rescheduled, or cancelled.

Arowana has developed a web based application which facilitates the management of Staff Travel needs known as Staff Travel Management System. The application consumes web service (booking engine) to carry out live air bookings and search for flight schedules and availability. The application is driven by the Rules Engine which manages the entitlements making it robust & flexible to manage. Various other interface applications are employed to make use of the needed functionalities.

STMS integrates with Sabre Reservation system or Amadeus , Oracle HRMS, Payroll and with various payment gateways to process payments through Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card and Cash Cards.

Key Benefits
  • Efficient ticket application process performs most of the checks at the time of applying, therefore reducing responsibility of processing agent.
  • Helps proper tracking of requests by requester and processing agent, eliminating risk of requests being lost en route.
  • Automatic ticketing reduces workload on processing department
  • Automatic ticketing process books tickets accurately eliminating human errors in computation of fares, taxes etc.
  • Employees do not need to wait in queue for refunds of tickets counter.
  • Employees need not wait in queue at a Staff Travel Centre, hence, increasing productivity.
  • Allows printing of IATA rebate letters.
  • Duty travel approval process saves employee time in approaching their supervisor.
  • Duty travel claims allows employees to claim expenses after returning from duty travel.
  • Automated online transfer of duty travel claim amount to salary, saving manual input into financial system.
  • Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 Framework
  • Oracle 11G
  • C#.Net
  • Microsoft Enterprise Practices Library 4.0
Process Flow
DART Processflow

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ATLAS stay

Arowana Travel and Logistics Applications - Stay

Booking Engine is an application which enables customers to access and also enables the hospitality industry to support reservations through the Internet. It facilitates consumers to make flights reservations, hotels, holiday packages, insurance and other services online. The Booking Engine System is a comprehensive solution to enhance customer experience. The system will improve efficiencies and create opportunities in end-user cross-selling and up selling of services thus improving the revenue as well as lowering the operational cost of businesses.

The system proposed by Arowana is an internet based application which will integrate with any Property Management System(PMS) and other end points to provide a front end which can be used by property owners, agents, guest and corporate customers. The system will allow users to view and book facilities, set up appointments and utilize all other services and other recreational facilities as provided by the PMS. The Booking engine integrates with the Property Management System or similar systems and will allow users to create individual or multi-user profiles.

Key Benefits
  • Automated web-based internet solution
  • Easily scalable for future business requirement
  • Seamless Integration with PMS
  • Ease of use and data consistency
  • Ease of use in querying and reporting
  • The system will also provide operational features for seamless but controlled access across functionality, loading of data from various systems, Access Control and Audit trail.
  • The proposed systems also will use agents for data download from multiple end points and integrate with system data.
  • Considerable improve efficiency of service.

The Technology framework is below:

  • Telerik Controls (3rd Party UI control framework)
  • Windows Server 2008 with IIS 7
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Sql Server 2010


The management of 'Insider Trading' in corporate entities is a global issue, and it is regulated in almost every jurisdiction globally. It is a key element of Corporate Governance and the issue is monitored intricately. Even though the acceptance and giving of gifts is culturally practiced in many countries, disproportionate and overtly generous give-aways tantamount to bribery and therefore close monitoring and disclosure is mandated by many organizations.

In certain industries like Banking and securities trading companies, insider trading is considered to be a criminal offence. Such organizations have compliance departments which monitor all personal transactions of employees, who are bound by the rules to make full disclosure of their personal trading activities.

Arowana has developed an online personal account dealing system for use in Banks and security trading firms. Staff having access to sensitive information about traded companies and who desires to trade for personal benefit will have to go through official channels to obtain approvals before placing any market orders. The system developed by Arowana enables a workflow which will capture details required by the Compliance department and also enable the compliance department to approve or reject any such requests. Similar workflows are also available for exchanging gifts.

The system's inbuilt automatic workflows for submitting the request and obtaining the approvals will enforce the Business rules related to policies for Personal Account Dealing and Gifts & Giveaway. The system will also help in generating reports and dashboards for analyzing and monitoring the activities related to the PAD and Gifts.

Key benefits
  • The system will streamline the process of PAD requests, approval, validation and monitoring through a single system, thereby reducing the overall turnaround time and enhancing the compliance requirements.
  • It will help meet the stringent regulatory requirements for the Insider Trading.
  • Record the giving and receipt of gifts in a timely manner.
  • Reports for analysing activities.
  • Telerik Controls
  • Windows Server 2008 with IIS 7


Arowana reconciliation management

Organization worldwide uses Transaction processing systems with direct client interface to manage receivables. Industries like Telecom and other similar industries with large client bases, offer their client multiple payment options through various channels. These payments flow into the accounts held in various banks. Multiple payment options is a convenience demanded by the customers and more flexible the payment options are, the prospects of retaining the customer and realizing the funds becomes easier, smoothening the overall business cycle.

However difficulties crops up in reconciliation. The transaction systems have to be reconciled with the bank statements. In turn the Bank statements need to be reconciled with the General Ledger.

  • Flexible, scalable that can be tailor made across verticals. Very useful in Telecom/ Insurance/ Banks & Businesses with large client bases.
  • Can handle data from disparate systems and bank statements in multiple formats. Data can be brought in from Payment Gateways/ Collection accounts/ Pooled accounts/ Current accounts, deposit accounts and from ERP systems.
  • Ability to reconcile reconciliation in a multi-pronged manner – Between two systems or multiple systems.
  • Auto match/ Manual/ Force Matching
  • Matching of Single Entry/ Multiple Entries.
  • Speedy implementation.
  • Flexible enough to handle multiple transactions and users at any single point of time.
  • Interface with existing and future versions of required modules of Oracle ERP.
  • MIS reports as required, for analysis and planning.
Key Benefits
  • Speedy Implementation.
  • Scalable and can be customized to suit the business model of any organization.
  • Exhaustive MIS facilities.
  • Will lead to better utilization of funds and customer service
Technology Stack
  • A web based solution to enable automation of bank reconciliation business functions.
  • This application will be accessible to the users from within or outside the company over LAN/WAN.
  • Proposed solution will adhere to the defined security policies as per Industry practices.
  • The proposed system will be a Dot Net based three tiered web architecture. The application will be scalable to handle volume of data. The system can support Windows or Forms based authentication. The system will support Auditing of transactions, logging and Encryption.

Arowana Travel and Logistics Applications - Fly

In the Arowana's suite of Airline products, ATLAS today occupies a proud position. Initially developed for one of the biggest Budget Airlines in the Middle East, the product has generated considerable interest and many airlines are evaluating ATLAS to meet their Business Requirement.

Salient features
  • ATLAS is web based solution with wide range of modules to book tickets and receive notifications
  • ATLAS is a solution flexible enough to handle multiple traveller categories – Individuals, Corporate and travel agents.
  • ATLAS can interface with SITA reservation system ( New upgrades are being planned for interface with additional systems) for booking, listing, pricing and e-ticketing online through Web services
  • ATLAS is a comprehensive ticket booking system, which can manage different type of sector wise discount fares
  • ATLAS is a solution that has the ability to interface with other travel related tools
  • ATLAS is a solution that is user friendly front-end using GUI, thin-client built using modern technologies
  • ATLAS is a solution that is an appropriate, customizable, supported, scalable, flexible and evolutionary
  • ATLAS is a solution that provides easy future interoperability between internal and to external applications
Product Overview

Above shown figure illustrates the product overview for ATLAS. Following are the highlights (architectural) of ATLAS

  • Interface with various reservation system for booking, listing, pricing and e-ticketing online through Web services
  • A solution that provides and supports Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

The Illustrated figure (below) describes the functional design of ATLAS. Following are the functional overviews of ATLAS.

  • Dynamic display of best routes
  • Seat Selection
  • Multiple Payment Modes (Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking)
  • Partial, Downgrade and Full cancellation and refund
  • Comprehensive notifications and alerts through email and SMS
Technical Architecture

ATLAS will integrate with the following third party application

  • Reservation System
  • Payment Gateway
  • Pricing System
  • Partial, Downgrade and Full cancellation and refund
  • Departure Control System
Key Benefits
  • Using simple approach to architect a modular system
  • Ease of use and data consistency
  • Ease of use in querying and reporting
  • Easy and end-to-end support for maintenance achieved through deployment of simple technology
  • The system will also provide operational features for seamless but controlled access across functionality, loading of data from various systems, Access Control and Audit trail.

Arowana has a long history of association with airlines. We have built up considerable domain expertise around the industry and have implemented ERP systems and several mission critical applications for Airlines. We are quite enthusiastic about the new addition (ATLAS) to the existing suite of products we have for Airlines.